BURLINGTON, Mass.-- Finvi, the leading provider of enterprise solutions that streamline and accelerate revenue recovery for clients across the accounts receivable management (ARM) industry and healthcare markets, today announced a new partnership with TCN, a leading provider of omnichannel contact center solutions, and Finvi’s preferred provider of contact center software, communications platform and associated software products. TCN and Finvi have established this partnership to deliver integrated Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) across its client base.

Both Finvi and TCN are well-established and respected companies in the revenue recovery industry. Finvi has a long history of providing innovative and effective revenue recovery solutions to its clients, while TCN is a leader in omnichannel contact center solutions. This partnership brings together two industry leaders to provide customers with a more comprehensive solution for their revenue recovery needs.

TCN's solution will be deeply integrated with Finvi's products and services, providing customers with a comprehensive solution to suit their revenue recovery needs. This includes API-based, real-time integration with Velosidy, Finvi’s new SaaS collections and payments platform for the ARM industry. 

"We are incredibly excited to partner with TCN to provide our customers with seamless access to their industry-leading omnichannel contact center solutions," said Tim O'Brien, CEO of Finvi. "TCN Operator is a best-in-class solution, and its integration into our core workflow applications will provide our customers with a truly seamless and unified experience."

“We are thrilled to be Finvi's preferred CCaaS partner," said Terrel Bird, CEO of TCN. "Finvi is a leader in enterprise solutions for revenue recovery, and we are confident that TCN Operator will help Finvi customers improve their customer experience and achieve their business goals." 

The partnership is expected to benefit both Finvi and TCN customers. Over the coming months, their common customer base will realize the benefits of an optimized business workflow, achieving increased agent productivity and management visibility through seamless integration. 

About Finvi

Finvi is a leading provider of enterprise technologies that streamline and accelerate revenue recovery for clients across the accounts receivable management (ARM), healthcare, and government markets. Finvi's solutions help businesses to improve customer engagement, streamline communications, and increase compliance. For more information, please visit www.finvi.com.

About TCN

TCN is a global leader in cloud-based contact center solutions for accounts receivable management (ARM), healthcare providers, enterprises, contact centers and BPOs. TCN’s comprehensive suite includes omnichannel solutions, automation, predictive dialers, IVR, Click2Pay, compliance solutions and real-time analytics, driving operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

TCN promises immediate access to the latest TCN Operator platform, facilitating seamless scalability. With a commitment to excellence and a dedication to meet evolving business needs from start to finish through industry-leading customer service, TCN continues to redefine the contact center landscape. For further details, visit www.tcn.com

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